Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Sermon:Putting a Stamp On it

What you see above is our fully legal postage stamp that will be on any letter that we send you from our home in Lausanne Switzerland.

In this Sunday Sermon I will point out that gently evangelising your Religion should be part of the DNA of any of the faithful.   Why, if you do not evangelise, you will surely be at the disadvantage of all those other less valuable religions   (you know the ones that discriminate against women,  have many references to the benefits of killing people in other religions and so forth).

Switzerland allows you to select your own stamp and so using WebStamp Easy we have got to work

1 Franc is about 1.1 US Dollars or about 0.70 GBP.  Welcome to Swiss prices :-)

1 Swiss Franc is enough for a 100gram local letter

And so in conclusion dear Brethren, limited to the first 50 people who would email us worldwide, we would be happy to send you a real FSM based letter with the above glorious stamp.